Extract or grep machine readable text
from an image
Capture email addresses from business cards, reference numbers from court papers and much more
Bill Gates' business card from a couple of decades ago
matches: [
'(505) 256-3600',
line: [
'(505) 256-3600'
Using a regex that matches US phone numbers:
Some questions you might have
» Who are you?

I'm Philipp and I'm running CaptureKit, a web app that helps companies capture data from scanned documents. While it does also automatically recognize machine readable text, it's specifically built to deal with handwritten text and marked checkboxes on documents such as surveys.

My personal blog is at pheuberger.com where I write about software development and business. Mostly about bootstrapping. I also tweet @lowestdef.

» What happens to the uploaded images?
The images will be stored temporarily to generate the response and for quality assurance. This is a beta, so I need to be able to investigate any hiccups. If you disagree with this, don't use this service.
» Why can I only use the global flag here?
This is just for the purpose of this demo page. I wanted to launch this page as quickly as possible, so it doesn't yet come with all the bells and whistles. But worry not, when sending a request to the API you can of course set all the flags your heart desires.
» I have a use-case. Can you help me with the regex?
Sure, send me a mail and I will try to help you: hello@imgregex.com
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How do I get access?
To get access to the API, drop me an email at hello@imgregex.com. I want to personally onboard you, so I can get you up and running with imgregex as quickly as possible. ⚡️